Chef Culmer opened the first CFood Shack restaurant with a committed vision to radically changing the expectations of the takeout concept. 10 years later and counting, he is still innovating and finding new ways to appease the palette by crafting bold menu items and challenging what can be accomplished in the take-out space. Pushing the envelope is the guiding principles that Culmer and his team utilize everydayย  in their approach to food and their customers, so that they can provide a Great Place for Great Food.

Our Focus Areas

We are committed to providing high quality, fresh foods and do our best to find responsible, local sources for the food we use daily.

At the core of our business is people. Whether it’s you, the customer, our team members or our service providers. We aim to treat all of our stakeholders with the same respect and fairness in all situations.

There are many options when it comes to dining and weย  appreciate that you continue to dine with us. We know that you expect top quality from us when you visit so we make it a requirement to deliver the absolute best in all categories: food, service and experience.