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A Great Place For Great Food

C Food Shack is a seafood-centric restaurant, taking classic South Florida cuisine and marinating it with flavorful, Caribbean flare and bravado.

A Little Bit About Us

The Floribbean Kitchen

We specialize in Floribbean cuisine. You’re probably wondering what exactly is “Floribbean”?

Floribbean for us is an ode to the influence and relationship that Florida has had with the Caribbean. Florida is a melting pot of people from many different countries, which has created a very unique culture. The result of this stew has created a food scene that is an epicurean’s dream. 

At CFood Shack we want to celebrate this one-of-a kind region by pushing the envelope and displaying the diversity of the flavors of the region with elements of its Caribbean neighbors .

Our Food Policy

We believe that you deserve our best and in our kitchen, quality is king. With that commitment in mind, we do our best to source as much of our ingredients locally and we make just about everything fresh, every day …. even the ketchup! 

Our Core Values

For us, life is simple and only flavors get complex so we guide ourselves by a single principle:

Delicious, fresh food, every day!

Renowned Chef

Meet The Taste Expert

Chef Laron Culmer  is a Bahamian – born chef, raised in both the Bahamas and the states. He discovered his passion for the kitchen early on, watching and helping his grandmother, who was a seasoned restaurateur, in her restaurant. As a teenager, Culmer began honing his cooking skills at the restaurant, at home and even at high school. Determined to become great at culinary art, Culmer made a decision to pursue life as a professional chef after completing his first degree. He went back to college and there he locked in and continued to  sharpen both his skills and his palette.

Chef Culmer is a creative at his core and it’s this creativity that sets the chef apart from his peers. Culmer has a willingness to challenge himself at all times, whether its pushing to make a dish better than it was; fusing ingredients together to create a sauce; or oftentimes improvising on the fly to make a dish. Laron has a zest for food and it shows in the quality of the plates he produces. 

Chef Culmer is a very talented individual and has a lot that he wants to share with the world. He may be the new kid on the block, but the kid is here to stay. CFood Shack is the first mainstream creation of the young chef, but the best of this innovator is yet to come.

Laron Culmer

Founder / Head Chef